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Allspice Bitter brings depth and richness to a cocktail. It can be a companion to so many different tastes.

It goes well with dark spirits like whiskey, dark rum or spiced rum. When picking fruits to work with think autumn. A perfect example would be to pair pear with All Spice Bitter they just work fantastic together. It also goes great with the flavors of vanilla – and in particular, we find, Irish whiskey or Bourbon.

Dosed lightly it brings out the dark flavors of a sprit or syrup. If dosed heavier it comes into it’s own and stands out as a distinctive part of a cocktail without taking over the taste of the cocktail.

Just fantastic to work with as it can do so many different things.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Allspice Bitter:
“I wanted a different way to work with Allspice than Allspice Dram. So the frame around the all spice as an ingredient in the bitter is a lot of dark and full spice. I think it is the bitter that you can make to most mistakes with if you are not careful. It can be overpowering in a cocktail if dosed too heavily and when I first had to get used to it – I must admit a few cocktail ended up in the bin. But as I mastered what it can do I really learned to love it and all the qualities is has and what it can bring to a cocktail.”