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Grape Fruit Bitters are fantastic – as the smell of grapefruit peel already brings the mind towards the bitter palate.

The zesty feel of the our citrus bitters also goes for the Grape Fruit Bitters – although it brings a lot of different qualities when add’ed to a cocktail. It has a richness while still being quite light in what it brings out – almost a contradiction in terms – but it makes sense because it brings out so many different qualities depending on how it is applied.

Playing with it in a gin & tonic quickly reveals the versatility – in a sweet version it adds a layer of fruit without being overpowering. In a dry gin & tonic it brings out the bitterness and accentuates it. It is a bitter that goes with so many things and that can have a very, very different feel depending on how it is dosed.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Grape Fruit Bitters:
“Grape Fruit Bitters are so great. I put them in everything just to see what happens. They seem to have almost a new taste when combined with different things – and when you add them to something new sometimes they really surprise you with what flavour it brings out in the cocktail. However I do love them in my Negronis”