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Cacao Bitter is a quite playful ingredient.

As it has a smoothness to it while still being bitter. It almost have a fatty mouthfeel because of the smoothness it brings and it can be used with almost any cocktail – from fruity to booze heavy – always having something to bring to the mouth feel while it brings out so many different things depending on how you use it.

It can be combined with many other bitters – as it brings a very different feel to the cocktail than almost every other bitter. A really fantastic cocktail partner.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Cacao Bitters:
“Cacao Bitters are one of my essential bitters when working behind the bar. It is the one that really is very special indeed. Working with it is a bit like cooking with salt – it brings out every ingredient of that cocktail that little bit more. You really have to dose heavy before distinctively finding cacao or chocolate taste in that cocktail. But that is not the purpose of this bitter. A mixologist should love to work with this, be it in a home bar or a professional one.”