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Coffee Bitters are great to work with. They can do so much as coffee used gently adds many layers to almost any flavor.

Used very lightly it brings richness to the taste of a cocktail. Without the cocktail ending up being coffee’d. But you can play with coffee so much more than that. Put a finish on alcohol heavy cocktails or accentuate a black or white Russian with an extra layer – your “Russian” will be distinctively different without straying to far from the original.

When we make home made syrups we always add three drops of coffee bitters into it after it has cooled off. Not that you will get the taste of coffee in the final cocktail but it just brings a richness to the final cocktail.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Coffee Bitters:
“Coffee Bitters are just a fantastic playmate. When doing the receipe I always had an idea that a little bit of chili would bring it to a different level, so on its own you can taste some hotness – but it disappears when applied to a cocktail. I love to add it to especially dark spirit heavy cocktails or something that has quite a lot of liquer in it. It adds richness and taste and it doesn’t have to be dosed so heavily that it stands out – if you put in one drop it will add a layer of ‘thickness’ to a cocktail without anyone directly thinking ‘coffee’. Coffee Bitters are just a great thing to play with in almost anything.”