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Lemon Bitters are a fantastic companion to work with when making cocktails or basically anything with mixers.

The very zesty feel on the palate is evident even before you taste the drink as your nose catches it immediately. The tones of the different spices all work to give it depth and fruitiness.

The Lemon Bitters really goes great to compliment the feel of cocktails with lemon juice – and it is just fantastic in a Vesper – or a really dry Martini. It is just a great companion behind the bar. It is also great to combine with, for example, rosemary bitters in a gin and tonic.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Lemon Bitters:
“The Lemon Bitters are the genesis of making bitters for me. This is where the bitter project started. I was going to an international cocktail competition back in 2017 and one of the criteria’s for the competition: Use an ingredient in 3 different ways – so I wanted to play with lemon, one of my absolute favorite things to work with. So I made a lemon syrup, used freshly squeezed lemon juice and then I wanted to use lemon bitters… But I couldn’t find anything that fit the cocktail the way I wanted – so I decided to do my own. It became a lot of reading and a lot of trail and error, mostly error. In the end the result was exactly what I wanted and I found the process so interesting that I kept working to make more different variations of bitters for our own bar and reading more and more about methods and old recipes from the 1800’s. In the end it we ended up making a brand new organic bitters brand.”