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Lime Bitters is the embodyment of the of an element that can serve so many different purposses in a cocktail.

The Lime Bitter has a lot of floral notes to bring out the lightness of the lime peel and the oils from that peel.

If used with heavily bitter tasting cocktails it takes some of the edge off the bitterness. If you put a drop in when enjoying a straight tequila blanco and will also add a fruitiness and complement the floral notes from the agave.

It just goes great with so many things but it’s best attributes seem to come out in fruity cocktails and of course if you want to add an extra layer to a Margarita or another lime based cocktail.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Lime Bitters:
“I really just enjoy working with it. We have used them in every way you can behind the bar: shaken, stirred, dropped it in the cocktail when the cocktail is in the glass or in a spray bottle on the side of the glass to really use the aroma. It just brings lightness to the cocktail it is paired with – and I go through just about 2 bottles a week on my own station. It just really is a great ingredient to me.”

Residue can occur in the bottle as we filter our products as little as possible to keep them as flavorful as possible.