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The Liqourice Bitters are just that – a powerful taste of liquorice root with anis and a lot of other complimentary herbs and spices.

It is a bitter that is wider ranging than you might think. Because it has a lot of smell and taste dose gently until you get to know it and exactly what it can do. When you add this bitter to a cocktail is gives you width in the after taste and a small amount of scent when you drink the cocktail.

Try making an Old Fashioned with Liquorice Bitters either drop it in before stirring or straight in the glass when you have poured it – they both give you great results in two very different ways. But it also goes well with quite fruity cocktails when used right.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Liquorice Bitters:
“Liquorice is close to your heart when you are from Denmark. We will put it in anything sweet – chocolate, ice cream, pancakes. So I wanted to make a Liquorice Bitter that can do a lot of different things. The first feed back we got from the bartenders we tested the product with was using it instead of an absinthe rinse. It made me really happy as I never like pouring absinth in the drain (or any other alcohol for that matter). I really look forward to getting the feed back from the bar community to see what people will use it for – as I think it is very, very versatile.”