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The Orange Bitter is just that – a very zesty take on an Orange Bitter.

Many complimentary herbs and spices are mixed with the very fresh aromatic taste of orange all of them are used to compliment and bring out the zesty taste of orange peel, so that it always is the main taste of the orange bitter.

It can compliment any cocktail either it being a fruity gin cocktail or a heavy dark spirit cocktail. It just has so many qualities and it never stops being fun to work with.

Claus Seiers thoughts on the Orange Bitter:
“The thought’s on how I wanted the end product to be really relates to how the very first bitter was done, the Lemon Bitter – having the purity of the zesty feel of the lemon and how that gave me a whole new way to work especially with cocktails with lemon juice. Using the same way of thought got me in a completely different place. As all of a sudden I had a bitter that gave an extra deep layer to an Old Fashioned – even more so when combined with other bitters and a new different way of working with bitters revealed it self.”