Gin & Tonic

Cocktail Set

Gin & Tonic

Our “Gin & Tonic” sets is an opportunity to play with flavors in your gin and tonic – and anyone can play along; newbies or die hard enthusiasts.

The set includes these bitters:

Lemon Bitter

Lime Bitter

Rosemary Bitter

Grapefruit Bitter

Thyme Bitter

All of these does something different and the taste of course also depends on what gin and what tonic you use – start out by dosing lightly and build the taste from there, until you get the result that you are looking for.

The is no right or wrong and it is a bit like cooking with spices – something goes well with something and maybe not so much with something else. But only you can decide. You can combine different flavors, so you make your very own twist.

Cocktail bitters can be used with any cocktail or drink not just gin and tonics – so feel free to play around with your usual go to cocktail or drink – it makes it a lot more fun to experience what they do to different things.

Feel free to share your experience with working with our bitter in Instagram using #seiersbitters